Water absorption in sanitary ware

Water absorption in sanitary ware according to the standard should not be more than 0.5%. If the water absorption in sanitary ware such as toilets or toilets is higher than the standard, it can lead to the accumulation of pollution, create a bad odor and thus make the environment unsanitary.

How the glaze is corrugated in the quality of sanitary porcelain

In addition to the negative impact on the appearance and beauty of sanitary ware, the presence of a wave on the surface of the toilet or toilet prevents water from being properly transferred to the outlets, and this causes stains on the surface of sanitary ware, which leads to unsanitary Environment and product and causes the accumulation and transmission of microbes.

Existence of cracks on the surface of sanitary porcelain glaze

The presence of cracks on the surface of sanitary ware, in addition to providing a place for the accumulation of fungi and bacteria, greatly increases the likelihood of breaking sanitary ware after installation. When buying toilets and other types of sanitary ware, it should be noted that the cracks on the glaze surface may be so small that they can not be easily seen from a short distance, so when buying sanitary ware, pay attention to check the glaze surface of the product from a distance of 5 Do cm and accurately. Cracks on the surface of sanitary ware are often visible to the naked eye in sufficient light.

Advantages of quality glaze in sanitary ware after installation

If the hygienic porcelain glaze is of high quality, it prevents the infiltration of water, all kinds of germs, wastes and contaminants into the surface of the hygienic porcelain, and as a result, reduces the possibility of the growth of germs, fungi and bacteria. Also, sanitary ware with quality glaze has a higher transparency and radiance, has a more beautiful appearance, and their surface is easier to clean. When buying hygienic porcelain, you may be introduced to products with cheaper prices. You should note that the quality of sanitary porcelain glaze can not be easily recognized, and products with cheaper prices may have poor quality glaze, and after In a short time, their surface becomes cloudy and in addition to losing their beauty, their surface becomes a place for bacteria to accumulate. Sanitary porcelain production with quality glaze is done in ovens with higher temperature and more control.

Possibility to install twin milk on a single punch toilet

When installing faucets for sanitary ware, the number of punches determines the standard location of the water outlet, and if only one punch is installed for the toilet, installing a twin valve on it may break the product or damage the glaze.

Features Chinese quality hygiene

Transparent glaze No cracks in the surface Appropriate water absorption rate Lack of complexity of parts Hygiene ‌ Being component Ease of installation Complete accessories Proper warranty and after-sales service Well-known and reliable brand

Chinese health guarantee

Normally, health goods have a guarantee, and in the field of health porcelain, reputable companies such as Kurdish porcelain, Golsar Fars sanitary porcelain, Morvarid sanitary porcelain, Olympia sanitary porcelain and Melody sanitary porcelain have long-term and reliable guarantees.