about us

Crystal Sea porcelain factory established a factory in Lalejin industrial town of Hamedan in 2011 and by designing and manufacturing various Rose models in different colors to improve the quality of sanitary porcelain products, it has taken effective steps in production in the province and always with effort, continuity and innovation. We are constantly seeking to upgrade the existing standards of the Iranian sanitary ware industry at the international level.

Our point of difference

Among the services and products of the Chinese Industrial Group and Sea Crystal Production Group, there are some items that differentiate this company from its affiliated companies.

– Sense of responsibility for the quality of products and services

– Creating 100% customer satisfaction

– Maintaining the quality and quantity of products during these years

Expert and expert force

The use of expert and specialized workforce is one of the most important things that we always adhere to and we believe that quality production is available to skilled and experienced workforce. Focus on a committed and skilled workforce We deliver and continue to deliver high quality customized products.

our products

Types of different designs of wall hangings, types of bathroom stones, types of washroom services, types of hairdressing salon services and hairdressing equipment and hairdressing decorations, types of bathroom decoration with new and various designs, new types of flat washroom designs, types of services Toilets, a variety of porcelain bath services.