The main application of sanitary ceramics is in the form of toilets, toilet bowls and the like. In general, in Iran and among the public, the term sanitary ceramics is not common, but this type of product is usually referred to as sanitary ware. But it should be noted that the term sanitary ware is a misnomer. Because the body of this type of product is not always made of porcelain. Sanitary ceramics are usually made of glass and semi-glass porcelain, as well as refractory and stoneware bodies. These types of products are usually single-baked. In other words, baking the body and glazing of sanitary ceramics is done in one step. Choosing the layout and decoration of the bathroom has become one of the most important parts in choosing a home decoration that many people ignore. Today, the importance of bathroom and toilet decoration can be considered as much as the focal space such as living room and reception. Bathrooms and toilets are one of the most important parts of any home, and the choice of furniture can bring you a lot of comfort and convenience according to your taste and attention. In designing the bathroom and toilet space, you can create a unique decoration by combining materials and using different elements and textures. Sanitary ware is used in bathrooms: bathtubs, toilets, ceramic tiles, toilet stones and toilets. Here we want to talk about choosing the right types of sanitary ware at home:


The first important thing is security, never sacrifice anything for security. You may have heard that in the bathroom or toilet, a person is dizzy and falls to the ground, and the slippery tiles put him at greater risk. Do not choose slippery and slippery floor tiles. To buy tiles, think of small children. Even if it does not have the necessary quality, it is possible that they will smell unpleasant over time, so be sure to choose correctly. Especially when it is very rare to replace toilet tiles. This is another important reason why you should pay special attention to the quality when buying sanitary ware.

installation location

Do not neglect the location of the toilet stone, consider its distance from the door. It is dangerous and clumsy if it is in the bathroom. The toilet stone should be the maximum distance from the door and the minimum distance to the bathroom. It is not pleasant if the toilet is too far from the toilet.


You should also pay attention to the size when choosing a sanitary ware. Be a toilet suitable for your toilet space. A large toilet with a cabin in a space of one meter is not really practical. Instead of filling your bathroom with bulky storage space, you can use shelves and wall boxes. Our experts can help you choose the size you want. Placing sanitary ware that matches the style of your bathroom decoration is one of the most important things that is effective in making the space more beautiful. Therefore, according to the size of the bathroom, the best option can be selected for the preparation of sanitary ware, so that in addition to its proper efficiency, its appropriate size is also considered. Of course, the existence of storage spaces in the decoration of the bathroom is a must and is very necessary and necessary, and any bathroom with any structure can benefit from a sufficient amount of storage space.

In short, it should be said:

In choosing the types of sanitary ware, pay attention to the “appearance of sanitary ware” and “the content of sanitary ware”. Appearance examples include model, design, color, appropriate size and taste according to home decoration and interior decoration. Observance of all these criteria and indicators is important for the beauty of interior decoration. Because the model of the sanitary ware piece must be in harmony with other related and adjacent supplies. The size index usually includes the toilet bowl and the sink, which is important to observe in terms of the size of the installation space. The harmony of “color” and “model” enhances beauty. Even if two or more pieces of home appliances each are not very beautiful and attractive on their own, but have a single design, color and model, they will look beautiful in interior decoration. Conversely, related accessories, no matter how beautiful on their own, usually do not look very beautiful if they are not coordinated. When buying sanitary ware, make sure that it does not have waves, scratches and turbidity. The piece should be shiny and transparent. If there are scratches, waves, and turbidity, in addition to the appearance of defects, it can also create inappropriate content because some seams or scratches cause water to penetrate into their inner layer and gradually, in addition to deterioration, cause the water moisture to gradually Penetrate around the installation site and cause damage to the installation site. This is especially true of Iranian toilet bowls and toilets. Some of the seams and cracks in sanitary ware are so thin that they are normally hidden from view and can only be seen by touching the hands and nails. Basically, the lower the water absorption power in the inner layer of these items and the thicker the glaze and the clearer its color, the better and more suitable their quality is. The body material of sanitary parts should not be able to absorb water. It is better to identify this point when buying sanitary ware by pouring water on the part of it that is not glazed.

Product quality (rating)

One of the biggest concerns of the customer when buying sanitary ware is the difference in the quality of the products according to the quality grade announced by the factory. Domestic sanitary porcelain products are mostly produced after production in three quality categories with labels of grade 1, grade 2 and