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Crushing and preparation:

First, the raw materials are reached to the millimeter by jaw crusher and hammer. Then, in the ball mills installed in the preparation section, the material is granulated until it reaches 200 mesh. The main slurry in the mixer is completed by combining the balm output materials and soft materials including kaolin and bulk and after about 4 hours is obtained completely uniform. Due to the role of timing produced in this stage, a special basin has been considered. Its capacity is about 60 cubic meters and it is possible to store the used grout for 4 days, which allows us to keep the required amount of grout in the tank and ready to be sent to the casting.


Production of wind method is done in the casting section: 1- Manual 2- Semi-automatic

Manual method: 4-wheel molds are placed on wooden tables as connected parts and all the steps of casting, opening the molds and transfer are done manually. This method is used to produce thicker products such as toilets.

Semi-automatic method: 4-wheel molds are placed in series on a rail and casting and unloading are done by pipes connected to the molds.

Then the process of transferring the piece is done by hand. This method is used in the production of simple parts such as bases and toilets.


Glazing with shower The glaze slurry is applied on the raw product. Two 5 glazing cabinets with 3 retouching cabins form the facilities of this complex, which is equipped with two BINKS glazing pumps with equipment belonging to the best glazing systems available in This is the industry.


After a short time, the glazed products are loaded onto kiln wagons through a drying process and baked at a temperature of 1185 ° C by a tunnel kiln made by the German company Kerabedarf, which is 48 m long and can be applied at 1400 ° C. Becomes.

Sorting and packing:

Sorting and packing operations are performed according to the national standards of Iran and the internal standard of the company and the factory products include basic toilet and eastern toilet are packed with plasto foam and by shearing machine. The necessary equipment for installation, including rolls of converter rubber, is also included in the package.